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Tuntex is a China’s leading carpet manufacturer company with their manufacturing units set up in Shanghai. Their range of carpets triggers royalty and artistic expression that makes it the best choice for residences and commercial buildings including hotels, offices and public facilities. Apart from bringing alluring and pleasing designs to the eyes, the company is dedicated to green technology and environmentally friendly production methods. With over four decades of industry experience in carpet manufacturing, Tuntex is considered to be at the forefront of environmentally sustainable carpet production in China.

It has an integral network of suppliers and manufacturing partners across the world, each sharing the same high level of commitment to newer, greener production techniques. Explore a range of seamlessly modular Tuntex carpets at IDUS Furniture that can adorn your urban lifestyle. IDUS Furniture Store has one of the best Designer Carpets Collection in India. Tuntex carpets are dedicated to green technology and China’s leading carpet manufacturer who adopts environment friendly production methods.


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