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Be it indoor furniture or outdoor, Papatya showcases the world’s most iconic furniture designs since over 25 years. The company is focused using best quality raw material and highest technology. To produce innovative products and doing justice to its ‘pioneer’ trademark, Papatya has always been focused on bringing new trends to life with their furniture. Different materials like polycarbonate, poly-com, metal, wood, fabric, etc. are used in a harmonious composition for designing and combining the products. Elegancy, functionality and durability are the basic design elements of their products.

If you are looking out for Chairs for your home, then you must reset your focus on best Indoor and Outdoor Furniture store in India with exclusively innovative products by Papatya Furniture. Their design team creates products that are constructed design concepts which are followed today as leading trends throughout the globe. Have a look at the wide range of indoor & outdoor furniture also available online at IDUS Furniture.


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