How to Mix and Match Furniture According to Your Interiors

Want modern interiors? But don’t want to lose your traditional roots? Well! That’s quite a challenge. When you mix both the styles, you are doing away with labels to create multi-layered living space. It creates a balance between elegance and functionality. Lately, furniture featuring neutral, solid colour or striped were likely to be engaged in most of the interiors. But nowadays, classic texture, stylish colour patterns, and symmetric detailed designs are becoming the latest home decor trend. The enchanting look of the furniture is indeed a well-loved piece of art in modern contexts. To create a harmonious place, you have to decide whether your space to be primarily modern or primarily traditional. One style has to be dominating over the other because you don’t want to create a space where everything is fighting for attention. Try to fashion modern space with antique accents or traditional place with contemporary accents.

Try to make Harmony and Contrast

To create harmony, you need to select the furniture that is more alike or a few degrees apart. For instance, you may want to pair this modernized chair with a more traditional wood dressing table or a console table. Ancient accessories on the side tables would create a larger impact rather than the contemporary ones. You can also play with textures and colours of the walls. Symmetrically aligning your furniture will help balance out the decorating styles.

Used Decor Accessories for a Modern Touch in Your Interior

If your space is equipped with traditional furniture and you want to go modern, then incorporate some contemporary decor accessories. A modern signature table or floor lamp, trendy centre table, bookshelves, curtains and contemporary art display would be enough to give your furniture a new lease on life. Further, don’t be afraid to break away from the minimalistic style to add personality to your room. Integrate the space with colourful lights and antique decor pieces.

Use Colour to Merge Old and New Furniture

Marrying your old furniture with new contemporary pieces looks attractive if done properly. If you have a couple of old armchairs and you would like to combine it with a modern sofa then simply use colour to create more coherent space. This can be achieved by matching cushions for your new sofa in the colour of the armchair upholstery. Tie the colour into the artwork by placing a traditional rug and accessories then mix them with modern art for a fresh feel. If you have modern furnishings like modern chairs, sofas or beds then choose classical old paintings to add a traditional touch. Try these simple techniques to add a visual appeal without compromising on the functionality of a room. If you are deciding to redecorate your home without spending too much money then you can rely on us. IDUS collectively displays modern furniture of fine art and traditional accessories that can easily be matched to your existing home decor.

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Friday, November 29, 2019