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Vanity Leather Dresser

Match this dresser Vanity with a modern chair and compliment a section in your bedroom. Hidden storage in the middle includes a partitioned drawer in the front of the piece offering small compartment for ultimate organization.
  • CODE: CM026
  • COLOR: Beige
  • PRICE:
    Rs. 91,000

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A smooth tabletop provides space for cosmetics and beauty supplies. You can also place your laptop on the above shelf and work with ease. Sleek and simply yet highly functional, this vanity set contributes both fashion and practicality to your bedroom or changing area.


    44"x20" Ht.34"
    Micro fiber
    36 Months


Leather furniture looks elegant and ages gracefully as well. All leathers last longer and, look and perform better when preventive maintenance is practiced. To enhance its life, follow these simple tips-
1. To maintain surface appearance and texture, and to remove dust gently wipe the leather once a week with a clean, dry and non-abrasive cloth, or soft brush. The best maintenance for all types of leather is regular vacuuming with a soft brush.
2. Avoid placing leather furniture in direct sunlight.
3. We recommend that you keep a minimum distance of 30 cm between your furniture and any source of heat to maintain the surface property of leather.
4. In case of spills, immediately clean with a dry cloth.
5. Avoid using domestic detergents and all products containing solvents and oils as they may destroy your leather surface.