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Maggi set of 2

Maggie is a combination of simplicity and style that are the main features of all modern creations. The fish scales like pattern interlaced into harmony and an open design is what sets this side table from other types of furniture. This piece will look stunning and complement a variety of seating arrangements thanks to its black glass top and stainless steel base with brass antique finish.
  • CODE: ST117
  • COLOR: Bronze Finish
  • PRICE:
    INR 95,000

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Forming a figure 8 style arrangement, the table consumes a portion of another table offering multiple heights in stunning fashion at the same time. Offering both functionality and elegance in your modern day home settings, this table is sure to attract a lot of attention from all your peers.


    Big : Dia - 24" Ht. 24"
    Small : Dia - 16" Ht. 20"
    Glass, Metal
  • STYLE:
    36 Months


Glass furniture, if taken proper care, are timeless. Follow these simple tips-
1. Do not slide rough objects across the glass. This can cause permanent scratches to the surface. Ensure coverings, to avoid scratching.
2. Do not shift furniture with load on it.
3. Protect surfaces from fire and excessive heat.
4. Clean using warm water and a soft, lint-free cloth. Wring out excess water and wipe the surface.
5. Only use a non-abrasive commercial glass cleaner for cleaning.
6. To keep your metal furniture looking its best for years to come, wipe it with a dry/ damp cloth regularly.
7. Brass furniture tends to oxidize. This is completely normal and very natural. It adds natural characteristics and makes your piece unique.
8. Use Brasso to clean gold finish brass hardware . The cloth should be 100% cotton.

Metal furniture last long if taken due care, just follow these simple steps :-
1. Wipe up spills promptly, clean with a damp cloth. Wipe dry.
2. Do not use abrasive cleaners, solvents, ammonia, acetone.
3. In case of stains, remove them with a solution of mild soap and water, taking care to dry the wet surfaces.
4. We recommend using a multi-surface cleaner or stainless steel cleaner to remove spots.

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