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Joval Coffee Table

Joval is a unique piece of furniture featuring a glass top and a strikingly beautiful glossy wooden base. Boasting of a magnificent artistically influenced design, Joval ends up with making a bold statement as far as its impact is concerned.
  • CODE: CT088
  • COLOR: Brown
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Featuring a beautiful colours and stunning design, Joval will make a bold statement wherever it goes.


    Dia - 47" Ht. 18"
    Glass with Glossy Wooden Base
  • STYLE:
    36 Months


Wood is naturally strong, durable and is easy to clean and maintain. Follow these simple steps to enhance its life-
1. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, and protect your furniture from the damaging UV rays.
2. Use placemats and coasters to safeguard your furniture from dishes, silverware and moisture.
3. Vacuum and/or dust with a soft, dry cloth, do not use oiled or treated cloth on waxed finishes.
4. On spillage, dab off with a cloth immediately. Do not wipe as it spreads the spill causes more damage.
5. Lacquered and glossy furniture needs appropriate care and maintenance to avoid scratching, denting and chipping.
6. Always lift your furniture, do not drag them as you may break or scratch the legs.

Glass furniture, if taken proper care, are timeless. Follow these simple tips-
1. Do not slide rough objects across the glass. This can cause permanent scratches to the surface. Ensure coverings, to avoid scratching.
2. Do not shift furniture with load on it.
3. Protect surfaces from fire and excessive heat.
4. Clean using warm water and a soft, lint-free cloth. Wring out excess water and wipe the surface.
5. Only use a non-abrasive commercial glass cleaner for cleaning.