Elvis Marble Dining Table

Elvis fulfils the need for simple and artistic dining tables. The copper plated base and marble top echoes an opulent and sophisticated lifestyle.
  • CODE: DT005
  • COLOR: Brown
  • PRICE:
    INR 144,000

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A simplistic modern design goes a long way in establishing elegance and sophistication in home décor. With an attractive combination of copper and marble, Elvis makes a wonderful dining experience.


    87"x39" Ht.30"
    Marble, Metal
  • STYLE:
    36 Months


Marble is a soft stone, and is vulnerable to scratching and staining. To retain its beauty, follow these simple steps- 1. Do not place hot items directly on the marble surface. 2. In case of food or drink spillage, wipe off immediately with water or a clean soft cloth to prevent streaks. 3. To keep the beauty of the marble intact, a sealer should be applied yearly. 4. We encourage the use of coasters and placemats on marble tables to avoid scratches on the soft rock top.