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Fimes Furniture is an Italian manufacturer who presents to you an interesting collection of furniture laced with Italian taste of elegance and luxury. The range of this successful manufacturer can be found solutions for bedrooms, living rooms, dressing rooms and hallways and common areas: various models of cabinets (bookcase, wardrobe), beds, shelves, wardrobe systems, cabinets, racks, consoles, chests, tables, furniture for TV and sets and high-quality complements including interior accessories. 

IDUS Furniture Store is one of the popular luxury Italian furniture stores in India that has interesting collection of designer furniture tossed with elegance. The range offers minimalist corner beds, stylish walk in closets, and customized wardrobes to unique bedside tables that fit your sense of style. Treat yourself to various sizes, colors and fabric that mesh well with your decor and experience the Italian flavor at its very best.


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