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IDUS Furniture is one of the top most High End Furniture Stores in Kirti Nagar. When we talk about Luxury Furniture Brands, the very first name that should strike your mind is IDUS Furniture. We deliver perfection and quality at every door step of the way. To give you a home that lasts, we bring you only the best in everything — quality raw materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing, rigorous quality checks, professional installations and transparent prices. We have a huge collection of Italian Furniture Brands that will help you shaping your den into a luxury. Nowadays, people have started opting for more of luxury taking comfort in other hand. They focus on both styles with warmth of coziness. Such preferences have brought Luxury White Bedroom Furniture into existence.

We are not just another lifestyle furniture store. IDUS is home to some of Italy’s most celebrated lifestyle furniture brands. We capture some of the world’s best Italian furniture brands including Arseline, Ahura, Artisan House, Fimes and more. Our range of designer furnishings seamlessly blends with your modern home décor. We give perfect interiors for your complete home. From space-saving beds to statement lighting, our exclusive collection of designer and stylish furniture brings all designs to life.

AresLine Products

Aresline is a highly specialised italian concern that designs seating for work places and waiting areas. The famous Xten office chair by aresline is design by Pininfarina, the italian design firm that creates the beauty of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati automobiles.


Ahura Products

A 40 year old company specializing in high quality Handmade ceramic porcelain and glass decoration items. The company designs and produces the finest quality of decorative vasesm photo frames and figurines from Italy.


Artisan House Products

Artisan house is a team of designers and craftsman of unique, fine qulaity metal pieces which can elevate the look of any wall in your home or office setting. For more than four decades, C. Jeré byArtisan House's vibrant, versatile designs have been recognized as multi-dimensional "metalworks of art.


Fimes Products

Founded in 1947 by Giuseppe Longoni, Fimes has been into designing and producing high quality furniture. The range offers minimalist corner beds, stylish walk in closets, and customized wardrobes to unique bedside tables. Fimes offers you would a world of modern furniture from the italian world of Luxury.


IL Loft Products

The search for beauty in all its forms is what has always motivated Giorgio Saporiti. The company started in 1994 is now a brand that is universally recognised as a Herald of made in italy quality.


Kenneth Cobonpue Products

Kenneth Cobonpueis a multi awarded furniture designer and manufacturer from Cebu, Philippines. Integrating locally sourced materials with innovative and unique designs, his products have found patronage among celebrities ranging from Brad Pitt & The Ambani Family.


Papatya, Turkey Products

Based in Turkey, Papatya has been the leading company producing indoor and outdoor furniture over 25 years. The company is focused on
using new material and technology and following latest trends to produce innovative products to maintain its pioneer trademark.


Pedrali Products

The Italian furniture company Pedrali Spa produces chairs and tables made of wood, plastic, metal & stainless steel. Founded in 1963 the company has specialised in producing for large scale projects such as hotels, offices, public spaces and restaurants.


Classical Geometry Products

An award winning designer from the Phillipines, Clayton H. Tugonon has the main brain in his company "Classical Geometry". For the past 16 years, Clayton has able to maintaine his company's elegance and state of the art designs. The ingredients for its success are hard work, innovativeness and creativity.


Vito Selma , Philippines

Stonestes international, a philippines based company was established in 1998. The design director Vito Selma is known for his organic forms
and modern pieces appreciated by clients worldwide for more than two decades.



Kronotex is a leading manufacturer of wooden flooring from germany. A family owned enterprise and worldwide successfully group, it produces wide range of products in different finishes and decors to suit all environments whether residential or commercial.



TUNTEX is a leading carpet manufacturer based in UK with a manufacturing unit in Shanghai, considered to be the best choice for residences and commercial buildings including hotels, offices and public facilities. Dedicated to green technology and environmentally friendly production methods, it presents the first truly seamless modular carpets with three core features; eco-friendly, stylish and high quality.