What Wall Color Goes With Wooden Furniture?

Honestly, the sky is the limit when it comes to design your personal space. Each corner of your house, the way you wish to style it, will call for a different answer. Matching everything with other things present in the room is a way thing of past. Contrasting and complementing is the new trend. Wood has entered all over the house. Wooden furniture, wooden flooring, wooden ceiling, wooden walls and much more wonders of wood are still to be comprehended in future time. Allow wooden poufs and fabric sofas in your living room to contest with paint colors on walls. They result in a more eclectic, layered look that lends the right amount of texture and depth.

However, some paint colors definitely work best with particular wood tones. The key in all design is to know your style. If you want items to pop and stand out, be sure to add contrast to your space. If you prefer a monochrome space, then go that route.

Love your dark wood furniture but are always wondering how to lighten its overall effect in the room? Try experimenting with wall colors that complement the wood or contrast with it, and create a stylish scape. Here are few examples of wall colors that go with wooden furniture.


Wood brings warmth to spaces, while white walls keep things bright, pleasant and inviting. A white room is a breath of fresh air. An all-version white bedroom can also encourage the mind and the eyes to relax by virtue of its simplicity and intentional lack of stimulation. In a dining room, the wooden furniture set against the neutral wall will do fair justice. For the classic look, explore our more range of versatile products at IDUS

Decorative Wooden Furniture by IDUS

Wooden Furniture for Home Decor by IDUS


Be it wooden base of a dining table or side tables in a bedroom, they are all offset by the creamy walls. The bedroom looks smart and sophisticated; thanks to the sleek furniture designs by IDUS Furniture and the crisp wall color. Off-white walls are a better bet for keeping color in check. The dining buffet in dark brown color marks it presence clearly in this light-toned room. For such room finishes and products, visit our website i.e. IDUS Furniture and look for variability in the products.

Premium Home Decorative Wooden Furniture by IDUS

Modern Designer Wooden Furniture Bed by IDUS


Yellow and brown are a good contrast to each other. In many fashion apparels, they are seen balancing the contours and patterns very beautifully. In this space, the color yellow has the right amount of saturation to create a soft and soothing-looking room interior. The subtle wall color, textured here, makes a good background shade that pairs well with the dark-brown furniture.

High End Wooden Furniture Bed by IDUS

You may also have new ideas for designing your house, read our Idus blogs.


Orange is really a bright tone and very few people seem making up their mind and coloring their walls ‘Orange’. But a little orange goes a long way in energizing a space, and in this room, a lighter shade of this hue lifts the look of the space without looking too OTT. Plus, in a room full of dark wood furniture and wood flooring, orange makes for a complementing companion.

Designer Dining Table Wooden Furniture by IDUS


Grey has certainly undergone a radical transformation in the past few years. No longer is grey only associated with dreary days, serious attire and a gloomy outlook. Grey has not only replaced beige as being the “it” neutral, but greys are now synonymous with style, sophistication and glamour. The color grey can also be paired with other lighter & darker shades. It works brilliantly.

A warm grey wall color is a good neutral alternative to a pure white or cream that can sometimes feel too sterile. In this room, the wall paint offers just the right amount of contrast to the bed, without losing its identity. For more options, view our Bedroom Bed Collection.

Wooden Furniture Collection by IDUS

Luxury Wooden Furniture Bed by IDUS

Three tones: white, grey, turquoise

Why settle for one color when you can experiment with three? The deep-turquoise wall paint creates an energized vibe in this living room, while the layering of white and grey ensure the room doesn’t seem too stark. All the colors create a dramatic contrast with the wooden furniture in this bedroom, conjuring up an eye-catching interior in the process. You can view this product at Idus website.

Premium Wooden Furniture Bed by IDUS


  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Thursday, August 23, 2018