Time to shift the fun outdoors!

One easy way to bask in the glorious return of nice weather is to pack up a picnic basket and head to a local park. Ants notwithstanding, picnics are a fun and timeless opportunity to get some fresh air. To really hone in on the spirit of the season, be sure to bring fresh fruits and local produce along with you on your picnic. Another way of having joy is moving out in your garden and create one such picnic spot, right there. When it is possible to have a picnic daily, why wait? Step outside as it is the best time of the year to rejuvenate oneself with fresh and breezing air with a pop of sunlight.

A medley of chic, all-weather and friendly outdoor furniture and bold textiles transforms the drabbest yards to funky and casual. Decorate your garden and patios with luxury furniture.

Basking in the glory of the outdoors, create cozy conversation circle under the open skies.

Transform a rustic alcove for a dreamy morning breakfast. People look for Italian Design when it comes to furniture.

Designers now manifest a fantasy that’s larger than life, exuberant an eye popping sights.

Designer Lolah Daybed at IDUS Furniture Store

Patios, gardens and porches are one of the most overlooked areas of your homes. Spruce up your outdoors with contemporary rattan and modern wicker furniture to create a unique and fun space for everyone to enjoy. Make it an inevitable hot-spot for entertaining guests, or a personal rejuvenating retreat. Redesign your outdoors with beautiful outdoor furniture by working with a combination of textures, hues and color palettes that are reminiscent of warm winters, fresh spring, cool summers and the inevitable autumn.

Begin to enjoy the beauty and glory of nature by redecorating the garden and patio area with fine designer pieces of rattan and wicker furniture that can add exceptional value to the entire setting. You can find a myriad of designs for modern wicker furniture that bring out the charm of the outdoors.

Team them up with eye-catching outdoor accessories and create a space worth admiring. With the bonus of relaxing in the sun!

Why not create a modern outdoor space that complements the entire décor- a space that flows from your home’s interior! After all, what will be better than you entertain your guests with chic and all weather resistant modern wicker furniture?

Soft hues, earthy textures, and the unpatrolled creativity with rattan…inject a dose of tranquility.

Go creative… add swings, day beds, sun loungers to make that comfortable, charming and relaxing escape you always wanted.  For more options of day beds and swings, click IDUS Outdoor Furniture.

Modern Designer Haiga Outdoor Furniture at IDUS

Designer Shenzhou - Mia Outdoor Swing at IDUS Furniture Store

Latest outdoor swings serving your free reading time outdoors, click to see more at IDUS Furniture.

Decorating a garden or a patio area is not really difficult, try textures, patterns and colors that blend with soothing skies, warm sunlight and fresh air. Just a little creativity and you will have a gorgeous outdoor space that evokes feeling of luxury furniture, grandeur and comfort.

Here are a few decorating tips you should keep in mind:

  1. Select the right outdoor wicker furniture according to the purpose and the floor plan. If there is a space constraint then opt for small pieces with sleek lines and contours. For large spaceworks perfectly.
  2. Once you have added the furniture, focus on adding colors to the décor. A slash of colors in the outdoor can do wonders to the garden/patio area. Add a flowery sun umbrella, or cushions, pillows, rugs, and accessories with floral patterns for a summery flair.
  3. Adding foliage in terms of bright colored pots with flowers will make the area look refreshing, and welcoming. Chiara Planter                                                                                          
  4. Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to decorating any modern space, be it indoors or outdoors. To spend a lovely evening outdoors, it is necessary that you have proper lighting to create the desired ambience. Hanging lights can add an element of romance to the outdoor area. Fancy lanterns and lamps enhance the look of the décor, brightening up the area with warmth and charm.

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Move outdoors and be close to nature. Create a beautiful outdoor setting and IDUS Furniture will surely help you create one! Just visit our website IDUS Furniture.


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