Say Goodbye To Lazy Mornings

Sleepless nights, relentless turning and tossing, followed by exhausted morning…we’ve all been there. The reason for such a dreary and dreadful state that leaves us exhausted the entire day may lie behind our mattresses.

Say Goodbye To Lazy Mornings

We don’t run a marathon or trek the mountains without the right gears and equipment. Yet, when it comes to sleeping- which btw we spend a third of our entire lives doing, we don’t really equip our beds with the proper provisions. Your mattress matters! If you are looking for a restful night then it is advised you change your mattress and invest in a brand that ensures a rejuvenating sleep, thus automatically improving your health making you more active for the next day’s chores and activities.

You will be surprised to know that a lot of science goes into the making of a perfect mattress. There have been in numerous studies that have proven how a good mattress affects your sleep, health and the state you wake up in. Tossing and turning at night is a sign that it’s time for a new one now. With a new mattress, you will be able to feel a difference, especially when you’re catching some special Zzzs.

Catching Some Special Zzzs

Is your lack of a proper sleep affecting your work and daily chores? Then you need to watch this!

Here are a few science-backed tips on how to pick the perfect mattress:

#Comfort should be your goal. Choose the one which is best for you. Some people like firm ones, some prefer soft, while others like something in between. Choosing the mattress comes down to your personal preference.

#Try before buying one. Test the mattress and sleep on it for at least 20 minutes before you make your decision.

#Make it a point to replace a mattress approximately every eight years. In case you experience pain, discomfort and poor quality of sleep, consider upgrading sooner.

#Listen to your body and find the bed that feels the most comfortable and not the one that just looks comfy.

#Look for a mattress that fits your body. Chiropractors advise finding a mattress that conforms to the spine’s natural curve and distributes pressure evenly across the body. This can be tricky because the surface curve on the mattress doesn’t necessarily represent the way your spine will curve while sleeping on it. Everyone’s pressure points are different, so the best way to figure out if a mattress correctly supports it is to lie on the mattress in your normal sleeping position and ask someone to observe whether your spine remains fairly neutral. If your spine is obviously sagging or curved exaggeratedly in any given direction, then keep searching for a mattress that helps maintain neutral spine alignment.

Perfect Mattress To Sleep

#Look for a return policy. This way, you won’t be stuck with an expensive mattress that doesn’t provide the sleep of your dreams. More at

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