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Good design spreads happiness….

We are hardwired to love beautiful things

Good design is inherently capable of making us happier. It can elevate your experience of the everyday and also make you feel more efficient — simply because you feel more energised and organised.

Professor Abraham Goldberg, in his study on the liveability of cities, concluded that people’s surroundings — beautiful architecture, green areas, wide and pedestrian-friendly streets — has a notable impact on their long-term happiness. He found that people are healthier, happier and more productive when they live in well-designed residential areas, unique work spaces, shopping areas and commercial spaces. In fact, clutter and disorganised spaces have been found to increase the secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone.

Style and elegance, says the Hagia daybed

Good design is what inspires IDUS to create

The impact of design on our daily lives is often underestimated and not fully understood. But it is certain that ergonomic design that also incorporates aesthetics makes life and work much easier and more pleasant through its sheer usability. IDUS is committed to creating furniture and accessories that not only are superbly functional but also look elegant and are pleasurable to use. An armchair with an incline that is kind to your back, a table that is the right height for placing a drink or a book, a foot stool that makes putting up your feet a truly relaxing activity. Bookshelves that understand the clunky and large dimensions of classic volumes, or curio cabinets that appreciate how lighting plays an important role in display. Design has many aspects and we find each has a fascinating impact on the objects we design.

The exclusive Ligma bed, contemporary and subtle

It may come as a surprise but well-designed everyday objects can have the same uplifting effect on our mood and wellbeing as looking at a work of art or as doing exercise. That’s an insight from a new global piece of research commissioned by HTC, a world leader in smartphone design and innovation —the study reveals that people feel happier looking at and using beautiful objects that work well. The bonus: a calmer and more contented state of mind can help leapfrog our creativity.

Celebrating Good Design

Our blog, The IDUS Life, will continue to showcase good design and the wonderful positive impact it has on our everyday. It’s what fuels our creativity certainly and our enthusiasm to keep making a difference in our patron’s lives through good design. We believe in the power of good design to spread happiness wherever it is found. This our reason for being.

A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We look forward to making this journey of celebration with you — a discovery of beauty combined with luxurious functionality that transforms each day into a happier time and space. Welcome aboard and bon voyage!

Because we value and love you, dear patron….

Our store in Delhi, that showcases the best of IDUS, is now open for you to visit, browse through and order the design and style of furniture for your home office (or for any other space) that matches your innate style and preferences. At the IDUS store, we diligently observe all safety precautions, recommended social distancing norms and ensuring all protective measures such as continuous sanitisation, protective gear such as masks, shields and gloves are available for your use. Further, all our staff have been trained to appreciate and meticulously follow these measures in all our premises — our store, our workshop and also when we deliver an order.

Look forward to seeing you here. For an appointment please call us at 9871500042, thank you.

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Tuesday, August 18, 2020