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A well designed office can make the difference between a day that’s a triumph and a day that’s a waste…

In today’s scenario, our homes have become even more important than ever before. We are now doing everything from home — work from home, school from home, working out from home, entertainment from home … suddenly, we have a completely home-centric life! So how is our home coping with the number of roles that have been suddenly thrust on it?

Creating a home office that works

A few keywords that make for an efficient and well set up home office:

1. Flexibility

Home offices need to double as meeting rooms, conference call centres, think spots and work desks. So you need to keep all these functions in mind when choosing a space as well as furniture for your home office.

2. Room to move

You need some manoeuvrability as you deftly juggle between roles. Keep in mind that you need quick and easy access to documents, books, laptop and other devices.

3. Video-friendly corner

In these days of constant video conferencing, you need a good looking nook. Set up a call-friendly corner where people can see a carefully curated space that’s both aesthetic and professional.

4. Storage

Things that you need should be at hand and easy to pull out in a hurry, when needed.

5. Technology supported

Today, we need technology more than ever before. It’s a real boon as we conduct all our work right from home. Make sure you have charging access, space for your tech set-up and ample desk space for the devices you use on a regular basis. No last minute scrambling to charge devices or place them in a manner that makes them convenient to work on.

The IDUS home office series offers an exclusively designed suite of desks and chairs that make working from home a breeze. Choose your location for a home office where you can work undisturbed and add a few handcrafted pieces.

Here are some ideas on how to carve out a great home office where business can be conducted efficiently, comfortably and reassuringly.

Imposingly solid, our Impulse Office Table commands attention

Carpe Diem (Seize the day!)

You need a home office that allows you to conduct business from your den or the library or a lounge, from an efficient yet stunning space that lends itself to virtual meetings and Zoom calls with colleagues, clients and business associates. The Alfredo chair allows for a look of command and the Flow table assures viewers that the business is very much in capable hands. The ample shelf space behind holds awards and accreditations. Add a laptop or a stunning iMac and you have almost every detail stitched up perfectly.

The Alfredo Chair is completely upholstered in leather combines elegance and comfort, making your working hours as productive & healthy as possible. Enjoy steady back support throughout concentration time with contoured cushions, a plush headrest, and upholstered wing arms.

Flow 26 is an extraordinary looking office table, with leather cladding and unique base design, perfect for smart office spaces. Consider this the elegant managerial desk, perfect for a stylish office area.

This features the Imperial Office table

Luxury isn’t an option—it’s a necessity

Running a business is a demanding job. It needs ingenuity, wisdom and the ability to spot the opportunities that others miss. The least you can do for yourself is to be able to take on a leadership role in a manner that makes it easier. Comfort, ergonomic design and aesthetics that allow you to stay calm amidst all the stress and challenge of running a business is the need of the hour.

Ruscello is a luxurious reclining chair by internationally renowned furniture brand Okamura. It’s mesh-covered backrest embraces the body and provides breathability. Soft cushioning at the front helps reducing pressure placed on the thighs, while the firmer cushioning at the back provides spinal support. It unites the flowing, organic lines with fine engineering and superb attention to functionality, making it ideal for both office and home use.

Flow 26 is an elegant managerial desk, perfect for a stylish office area. Upholstered with leather, the wooden structure flaunts a unique base design. Its detailing is replete with convenient features make even the most mundane tasks a pleasure.

Who said the C-Suite can’t be light and airy?

This beautifully designed home office combines a pastel colour palette with an abundance of natural lighting and carefully selected furniture. The result: a cheerful and tasteful space looks both to create a work space that looks professional as well as chic. Superb for work days that perennially extend into long hours. You can take your calls in impressive fashion with the video feature unmuted , of course!

Make your office space more delectable with Venice! An ideal piece of office furniture, Venice makes hard things simple, delicate, stylish and comfortable. The design is upholstered partially in leatherette with aluminium armrests twisted at one end. The advanced synchronised mechanism with 4 positions lock makes it a comfortable companion for long working hours.

Give your workplace a style boost with a stunningly designed office table, Tresor. A part of the executive series, this office table has a contemporary look with its veneer base, leather padding, built in cable manager and metal edges, adding style and functionality to the space.

Part of our executive series, Tresor is suited for the C-Suites!
Its location makes a dramatic difference to this sunlit home office

Location, location, location!

The criticality of a great location can never be over emphasised. This deceptively simple home office uses an airy nook to create a secluded corner for enhanced productivity. Glass doors and a large window allow for bountiful natural light and breezes. Flowers or oxygen-releasing plants can be used to keep the room’s green quotient high. A Harvard University study actually mentions the importance of our indoor built environment in maintaining our overall well-being and specifically, our cognitive function. Small details do a great design make —the foot support across the length of this work table allows you to contemplate your decisions or an important business strategy by literally putting up your feet, resting them while you think.

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