Sofa Beds: Haute And In Vogue

Sofa beds are the haute trend this season. Use these multi-functional pieces for sitting, snoozing or/and sleeping. Find an incredible range of chic sleeper sofas that help you create an extra comfort and flexible feature in your home, simultaneously keeping the interior high on style.

A sofa bed is a winner when it comes to convenience, comfort and sophisticatedly styled interiors. You can easily transform them from a couch to a sleeping unit which is a wonderfully practical way to accommodate guests.

Clubber 3 Star Designer Black Sofa Bed at idus

Anyone looking to take a snooze in the living room can revel in their comfort?

In tune with current home trends, international brands such as Sweden’s Innovation Living feature a wonderful collection of Premium sofa beds designs with an abundance of chicness and high point style. These are a great addition to spaces for anyone looking to add multi-functional, stylish and ultra-comfortable furnishing. Sofa beds are a great replacement to spare rooms and can be placed in home offices or living rooms. Sit or take a nap whenever you please.

Designer Maroon Sleeper Sofa Bed at Idus Furniture Store

Choose the right size for your home:

You can choose from a single-seater/chair, two-seater or three-seater according to your room size and design requirements.  For people with discerning taste, there are plenty of stylish units available today. You can start browsing for some incredible options right here at Idus Furniture.

If you have guests regularly, a sofa cum bed is the most practical solution where your guests can look forward to a good night’s sleep. All you need to do is research about the best product in the market before you go out to buy. Then you start by enquiring about the mechanism it features and the quality and durability of the mattress inside. The mechanisms should be swift, simple and pretty straightforward.

Designer Brown Sofa at Idus

If you are looking for leather sofa beds or with rich fabric upholstery then IDUS in New Delhi, India is home to some dazzling options of home and office furnishing including contemporary and modern sofa beds, where the furniture store features the best works of celebrated artists and designers from all over the world. Take a peek into one of the most exclusive designer collection available online at Idus Furniture.


  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Friday, March 03, 2017