Smart Ways to Arrange Furniture That Saves Space

Ever heard of the saying ‘good things come in small packages? When it comes to studio apartments, less really is more because even though they are a smaller option for a living space, they come with plentiful advantages. Studio apartments can be amazing when you are young and living alone.  Unlike the apartments, studios are generally a one large space, which combines all the basic functions with a separate bathroom. Thus with limited floor space and everything out on display, your choices of home furnishings slim down. Whether you are struggling with what to do with all your stuff or you are looking for new ways to accentuate the available space in your studio apartment, the task can be daunting. If you are living in a studio apartment, arranging furniture in small spaces can be hard.

In order to make most out of your available space, you need to be more ingenious and try some unconventional strategies. Regardless of your tiny space, these ideas will help you streamline your living space into something stylish. The appropriate arrangement of the furniture can dictate the way your space will appear.

Since your bed is a large piece of furniture, begin with your bedroom. It takes a big chunk of floor space, thus arranging it in a smart way can either provide you space or consume all of it. Your bed should be placed in such a way that it is not visible immediately from the front door.  You can place it in a corner and this will ensure a bit of privacy while sleeping. IDUS Furniture has abundant options of contemporary beds which are appropriate enough to fit into your space perfectly.

Designer Rubik Bed by IDUS Furniture

One can also try placing compact furniture like a leather loveseat or a sofa-cum-bed to cumulate sitting area. A sofa bed is compact and can be used as sofa in daytime and transform into a complete bed at night. Such options will give you extra seating area when you know that you are short of space.

Designer Clubber 3 Str Sofa Cum Bed by IDUS Furniture

A loveseat is a beautiful option that is functional too. Loveseats can cast a great accent to a neutral room and endeavor a comfortable place to unwind.

Designer Mood Semi Formal LoveSeat by IDUS Furniture

The space immediate to the entrance door should be the living room or social area where you can easily enjoy a movie night or hang out with your friends. You must decide the focal element in this area and then plan the entire setting around it. If you feel confused with the look of your room, style of the furniture then you must visit IDUS Furniture website & scroll your fingers and head towards your favorite look. We have collocated some best looks for you that will surely help you in scheming your home well. It’s very simple to get the same look for your home interiors. Search,

Warm Alabaster Home Decorative Furniture by IDUS Furniture

For example, you can make your entertainment or T.V unit the focal point and then the entire furniture could be organized around it. You can demarcate the space by using a stylish or elegant rug to match the theme. Treat your TV with classy TV cabinet design. Organize your living day essentials with its storage option and experience technology at its best. Choose from a wide range of modern, contemporary, colonial and eclectic TV cabinet designs. Enthrall and organize with modern wood TV stand. For the same, click

Designer Wood Tv Cabinets by IDUS

Probably, the most important section of any home is the kitchen or dining area where one cooks and eats without a hitch. If you would rather prefer not wasting a space, the kitchen and dining room can be connected. Folding, round or extendable dining tables can be a great option. Dive into the luxury and styles of modern dining tables and chairs. Shop online at IDUS Furniture.

Luxury Marble Top Dining Table

Another great option for increasing storage benefits is to have wooden sideboards in your dining area to keep your dining connoisseurs etc. Spend some time searching and shopping at IDUS Furniture for variety options of sideboards and buffets.

Wooden Frame Continental Sideboard

Depending on your lifestyle, you can also create a reading nook or home-office or maybe you can try a house library in your home. If you work from home, then you can purchase a compact desk for your home-office. You can also divide all the zones by using room dividers, storage units like chest of drawers for clutter free home


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