Paint your home ‘Red’ this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about buying chocolates and flowers for loved ones – it’s also a good time to give back and spread a little love in the world. Show love and start with your home. Update your home to add some Valentine’s Day flair. Change your home furniture; create a love theme adding romantic interiors.

Red is a color that traditionally symbolizes love making it a great choice for a room that you adore. Unlike many other colors, the human eye is immediately drawn to red. Red is also the trending color of 2019. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, it can be used as an accent color or you can make it the star of the show by using red furniture or just simply painting your walls red. If you’re ready to add a fiery color scheme, this delicious red picks-of-the-patch and fun decorating ideas will add a refreshing burst of sweetness to your home. Red room design ideas will help you design the perfect palette for Valentine’s Day Decoration.

Red & White Bedroom Furniture - Valentine’s Day Decoration

Red is a powerful color that can transform your home beautifully and aesthetically. It is a hue that can evoke a number of emotions. It can also be energizing and glossy in a living room, spicy and appetizing in a kitchen, and just sensual enough in a bedroom. However, choosing the right red can be tricky. A tone that shines with passion and sensuality, the romantic red has the capacity to give any room every atmosphere you might put your mind to. The senses are caressed by this bold, striking color that gives off warmth and a noticeable vibe.

Let’s go room by room and find the infinite choices for your red interiors.


A red sofa is ideal for a contemporary living room and the look works best when you mix it with neutrals. If you want to make a decorating statement, place a red sofa in your living room. Red is bold and draws the eye. When you opt for red, your sofa becomes a focal point and signature piece. The best way to furnish a living room with a red sofa depends on your decorating style.

Salon Modular Leather Sectional Sofa For Valentine's Day From IDUS

Red leather sofa shown in the picture above is Salon Leather Sectional Sofa. It adorns any living space adding volume and elegance to every corner. With adjustable seat depth, detachable side tables, it’s a perfect seating option for a lounge or TV room.

Red Berger Arm Chair For Valentine's Day From IDUS

You can also try placing some armchairs as red living room furniture in your interiors with vibrant hues to enhance the pleasure of lounging. Berger Armchair is functional and contemporary, which means it will go in any setting and perfectly fit into your preparations for Valentine’s Day ideas.


Bold, confident and glamorous, red makes a strong statement in the bedroom. Whether you’re thinking of accessorizing with red or making it the main feature of your décor. The picture below shows elements of red spread in the bedroom. A red love seatCandy is an adorable option of Chester tufted pattern, setting the entire mood of decors with its cheerful and vivacious presence. The modern bed is dressed with red throw pillows to match the entire décor adding to its vibrancy.

Candy Red Loveseat for Bedroom at IDUS

Modern use of ruby red can be achieved through the use of a red sofa bed set against a neutral wall tone. For a sensual accent to the bedroom, team shades of pink and deep reds together, like one in the picture below.

Red Sofa Bed For Valentine's Day at IDUS


Decorating with red in an elegant, balanced fashion takes both skill and restraint. When it comes to dining spaces, red is a perennial favorite in both homes and restaurants alike. A touch of red in the dining room is said to increase appetite and infuse the setting with liveliness. A dining room with red can easily be transformed to fit into the festive style over the Holidays, and then there is always Valentine’s Day to look forward to as well! Versatile in its own unique way, striking and exciting, here is how you can bring the flair of red into the dining room.

Fante Red Dining Chair For Valentine's Day at IDUS

Red is glamorous, chic and shines in style. Take your dining room furniture to the next level with Fante Dining Chair (shown in the picture) in fabric upholstery adding an element of quirkiness.


Don’t limit yourself to using red for the indoors only. Take the fun outdoors too. The Nofi outdoor Swing in the picture below looks very natural in this modern backyard, especially in combination with the green grass. Not only designed for comfort, but it is also engineered to last through many seasons.

Red Nofi Outdoor Swing Chair For Valentine's Day at IDUS

If you prefer a minimalist look, keep the design clean and simple. Use color to create a focal point, take advantage of the contrasts and plan the overall design accordingly.


Painting your walls red will give your room a stimulating and lively vibe. For the more daring, brighter reds may be a bold move that will give your room a real personality. A set of chairs and beige or brown sofa in front works very well as neutral tones for the rest of the room.

The most popular choice is the stunning accents walls that are moderately striking, just about enough to spice up the look of a room. To really feel the effects of red walls, try implementing them in a tiny powder room. The boldness of the walls will instantly give this little room an exciting and active ambient. Like one here in the picture above, this is Flamant Les Rayures (Stripes Bayaredere 2) wallpaper from Arte that gives a chic look being both sophisticated and colorful.

With Love, From IDUS!

May your Valentine’s Day be filled with lots of love and cherishable moments! Happy Valentines Day!

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Monday, February 11, 2019