Minimalist Approach: Do More With Less

What not to have is perhaps more essential than what to have in this era where minimalism is becoming a rage with most of the people. Almost akin to yoga and meditation, you can curate this look with practice and discipline.

When the world renowned German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe gave away his unofficial statement on minimalism, “less is more”, the world rejoiced albeit some of them still apprehensive about the ramifications. But when another celebrity American designer Buckminster Fuller found quoting, “doing more with less”, all the doubts were washed way.

Minimalism is catching on like a fire in the woods. This approach requires nothing much but gives a lot in return. The style is trendy and demands nothing but to pare down your furnishings to the handpicked and carefully curated essentials. The approach leaves you with a set of objects that are designed magnificently to deliver the maximum impact.

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With people becoming more and more aware of their desires and adapting the lifestyle changes, they owe less. ‘Minimalism’ is a state of mind that can never be defined by a set of rules and can be fathomably achieved by staying adhere strictly to your choices. A lot can be achieved with this super-rich approach which can never be declared as a cheap option.

This creative and soothing approach states concisely that creating a home is all about filling it with life instead of things. In India where less is always less and more is never enough is also catching up well with the trend, wonderfully. Indians who are now identified as potential customers all across the globe are getting the ethos finally right!

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The bright tints and shimmery metals have been an integral part of our culture and therefore people are taking time to accept this trend with open arms which involves them to throw out unattractive elements and keep only a few objects. But those who have embraced this approach warmly are moving more towards a sustainable movement and minimalist home décor.

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Indian minimalism is more about infusing rustic wood than metal or glass as it is more sustainable. The Indian minimalism is more inclined towards the restraint and practicality. But it is always cloaked in materials and aesthetics that are traditional. The idea to achieve more in less is about making spaces more intriguing, serene and not sterile.

There are design ways through which anyone can acquire a perfect balance to attain a utilitarian home, slowly and steadily with a great eye for detail.

1. Balance & proportion

Any room is said to look perfect when it is balanced with the right amount of furnishing. One side should never be heavier than the other side. The visual weight of the room should always be balanced.

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By the proportionate balance, we mean the harmony, which should be achieved between all the objects. They should not match but should complement and be well coordinated. A leather sofa will look quintessentially apt with a wooden table. You can find amazing options at a furniture store nearby you.

2. Quality over quantity

An old adage that states, “quality always matters “still stands true even in modern times. A cluttered room, decorated with randomly picked things will always fail your attempt to own an abode that exudes nothing but opulence.

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Invest in unique pieces and modern furniture that are etched to perfection and are well-made. The quality and the polished look that they possess are inimitable, sophisticated and carry unmatched elegance.

3. Design lies in details

It is good to display a stunning piece of art on the wall instead of too much crowding there. The accumulation of too much stuff bogs the entire decor down, like an anchor. Select things that are adorned with intricate details that will not scream but will emanate subtle attractive and alluring vibes.

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A gold leaf on a fruit tray or a beautifully constructed leather couch can give a magnificent appeal to room interiors. A delicate wooden carving, etched to perfection can steal the show alone. So pick things wisely and you will never be disappointed.

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4. Light is might

Light is an integral part of our lives. It is as important of an element as the furniture. Be aware of all the forms and directions in which the light enters into your abode and presents itself. Use beautiful lamps and ceiling light fixtures to emphasize certain elements over others.

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All that we surround ourselves with is merely a distraction to deviate our attention. It does not let our eye set when we are trying to fill a void. Try to throw out what you don’t need in order to drive all the focus on what you do need for shrinking dwelling spaces.

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If you have more amazing ideas and innovative ways through which modern interiors can be elevated to the level of perfection, do share with us at!

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Monday, July 10, 2017