Milan Fair 2014 – the Design Pilgrimage of the year!

Yes, it is that time of the year once again when we pack our bags for the much awaited annual pilgrimage to the Design Mecca- the Milan Design Week or Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano.

If you are a designer an architect or a discerning client, you need no reason NOT to mark your calendar for a visit to Milan, where most of you including every major brand, architect and independent designers will find themselves amidst the exuberant, artistic atmosphere at the world’s most prominent design fair.

Every year the Milan furniture Fair heralds a tidal wave of new concepts and products that set the trend for the year ahead. Here at Milan, trend researchers spot patterns and uncover promising projects that will set the design mood for the entire year.

Design Mecca- the Milan Design Week

This year the Design Week burned hot and bright with a record of a total 357.212 visitors (13% increase to the 2013 edition) along with a gust of fresh, eye-catching and cutting-edge designs, despite the European not-so-rosy economic scenario.

Here are some of the trends that were spotted this year:

  • Black & White: This combination was all around the show in all possible patterns from stripes, to chevron, tartan, dots and herringbone.” Most brands were seen sporting a huge range of black and white backgrounds with bold colours.  Look out for black and white patterns for fabrics, ceramics, metal, wallpaper etc. along with gold combos for a more sophisticated taste.

Black & White Home Interior Design - IDUS Furniture

Black & White Theme By IDUS Furniture

White Theme With Black Furniture By IDUS

Black And White Backgrounds With Bold Colours

  • Yellow Metal: Yellow metal or similar finishing like brass is getting stronger on the home design front.

Yellow Metal Home Design - IDUS Furniture

Yellow Metal Home Interior - IDUS Furniture

  • Mirrors: A popular accessory in the Milan Fair 2014, Mirrors of different shapes and sizes, mounted or leaning on walls, as art pieces or functional items, these were the star accessories of the Salone.

Mirror Accessories Home Design - IDUS Furniture

  • Marble: Be it tableware, lamp feet, tabletop or side tables, Marble is high on the list of trendy home furnishing picks this year.

Marble Side Table - IDUS Furniture

Marble Round Coffee Table - IDUS Furniture


  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Sunday, May 25, 2014