How To Make Your Bed Like A Pro!

One thing that we love about five-star hotels is their perfectly made super comfortable beds. The precise folds, unrelenting tuck-ins, uber luxurious mattresses, pristine white sheets all seem custom made for your spine.

Luxurious Mattresses & Pristine White Sheets

Well, let’s admit it… the experience is definitely better than a homemade one.

We spend one-third of our lives on a bed and it is well-worthy to invest in luxurious beds and mattresses. To take a peek into the latest collection of modern beds and luxury mattresses from international brands, visit

For that perfectly made up bed, here are a few tips from bed stylists and experts:

The starting point for a comfortable sleep is investing in a good mattress. Mattresses are always a good investment as they ensure uninterrupted rest and self-rejuvenating sleep.

When it comes to a five-star experience, Simmons is one of the world’s largest mattress producers with more than 140 years of heritage. With renowned product lines such as the Beautyrest®, BackCare® and Beautyrest Black® mattresses and the forerunner in technological innovations – Individual Pocketed Coils® with its signature Do-Not-Disturb® benefit, Simmons promises unsurpassed support, maximum comfort for a good night’s sleep.

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Begin by placing the bottom sheet on the mattress, spread it evenly, and then tuck it in tightly, making smooth, neat hospital corners.

What is a hospital corner?

For this, tuck one edge of the sheet under the bottom end of the mattress. Starting with the left side of the bed, hold the edge of the hanging sheet about 12 inches from the tucked-in side, and lift it onto the bed, creating a triangle of sheet hanging at the bottom-left corner of the bed. Tuck the triangle under the mattress; holding the sheet at the same point used to lift it over, bring the sheet back down and tuck it under the mattress (effectively overlapping the tucked in a triangle). Do the same at the other end of the left side, before tucking the middle. Repeat this for the right side too.

Hospital Corner Style Bedding

Lay the top sheet face down touching the top of the mattress. Let the other edges hang over both sides equally at the bottom of the bed.

Place your blankets 12 inches from the headboard. Let it cover both sides and the bottom of the bed.

Spread another sheet over the blanket, the top edge placed neatly along the top edge of the blanket. Let the other edges hang equally over both sides and the bottom of the bed.

Blanket on the bed with pillows

Fold 12 inches of the top sheet- that are exposed- back on the blanket and with these three layers make another fold of 12-18 inches.

Starting from one side, at one edge close to the headboard, start tucking in the three hanging layers tightly under the mattress. Make hospital corners on the bottom of the mattress and repeat the tucking process for the other side.

Place the bedspread on the ready bed, touching the top of the mattress. Make sure all sides hang evenly and the bottom side is touching the floor.

Luxury Bedroom with Double Bed

Fold the top of the bedspread about 18-24 inches. Place pillows with fresh covers. With both hands, flip the bedspread up and over the pillows and make a crease under them tucking the bedspread slightly under them. Then tuck in the extra bit at the top of the bedspread behind the pillows.

Top it off with decorative pillows and throw cushions to give a welcoming appeal to your perfectly made bed!

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