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World is really beautiful and delightful. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open and hands welcoming. You feel good if you are happy. You can feel happy if your home makes you feel so! Let your home breathe too, the way you do! A home is all about ambience, a place where you create memories that stay forever and maintain relationships. A home is about decoration. Ornament your home with the positivity, optimist values and wisdom. Add finishing touches with your home interiors like transforming the home furniture, use of vibrant wallpapers, modifying curtains or how about lightning?

Embellish your place of residence and create beautiful ways to enhance any space. Explore our selection of sleek, contemporary pendant lights, fluorescent standing lamps and statement chandeliers to find a perfect fit for your interiors at Idus Furniture.

Designer Croissant 3 Seater Outdoor Sofa at Idus Furniture Store

Glimpse into the brightest minds and trends in lighting design and technology, there’s only one place you need to go: IDUS Furniture. With a focus on innovation, invention and design, the revelations are a key part of excellence. Let us go room by room and help you to get the right items for your home as a joyful retreat.


Living rooms give us the impeccable opportunity to experiment with style and design. It is the most likely used room. It reflects the overall taste of all the members of your family. You can dare to choose bold colored sofa with simple patterned cushions. Placing some paintings, revealing art, sculptures and also not forgetting about the comfort is what we generally look for!

Living Room Furnitrure at Idus Store

Freshen up your living space with light fixtures or standing lamps that compliments your room décor like throw pillows, rugs and window treatments.


Give your bedroom a special touch paying special attention to your ceiling. Choose those wall colors that make it spacious. Complement it with ravishing chandelier, spicing it up with fleecy fabric carpet rug feeling smooth to your feet. Make sure your lamp is not overwhelming the overall look of the bedroom.

Designer Rattan Bedroom Furniture

You can try placing a side table with a nightstand with multiple storage options that could also be used as a study desk. Complete your bedroom story in a way that every single piece of your décor statements its presence.


Half of your appetite increases with the soothing area where you sit, relax and eat together. If food is delicious and ambience is appealing, you tend to feel good about everything. Buffet lamps or chandeliers over the dining table embrace the essence in which the room is designed.

Ring Coffee Table in Marble at Idus Furniture Store

“Simplicity comes at its best”, it’s said. Try chandeliers which are an electic mix of contemporary art and simplistic modern design. Say, if you have a wood table, a glass chandelier with rose gold plating will look inviting for years to come.


Modernize your space with wonderful options. Try overhead designs like lantern pendants offering illuminations while reading. Make a commanding statement with a bit of old trends charisma mixed with contemporary appeal, so they’re one of the most adaptable styles to try.

Idus Furniture Side table or Corner Table

Incorporate floor lamps that are the easiest and the most convenient way of bringing to lighting. While reading a gorgeous nook, you can revamp your living room with this decorating floor lamp. You can also have a look at our wide range of lighting accessories.

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Monday, March 19, 2018