IDUS turns Sweet Sixteen!

Happiness is celebrating birthdays with our IDUS family!

Sixteen years ago, we came into being. Our founders wished to bring the very best of international design and luxury premium home furniture and accessories to India. Their vision was to offer an exclusive, rigorously curated selection of the top-of-the-line models from the world’s finest brands, featuring the very latest trends in aesthetics, comfort, functionality and quality. Given their high design standards and commitment to quality, the founders were clear that each piece would almost be one of its kind and unlikely to be available anywhere else in the country.

This extreme commitment to offering unique pieces from highly acclaimed designers and topnotch brands worked beautifully. Soon IDUS curations became well-known for their high degree of visual appeal complemented by the detailed attention to comfort and functionality and the emphasis on quality. Patrons often spent admiring hours at our store, mesmerised by the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. The shapes were unusual, the colours eclectic and even the sizes were distinctive. We were elated by the fact that they loved the carefully chosen range and appreciated our fierce commitment to offering only the very best.

IDUS takes a keen interest in the changing design language across the globe; it has always evolved with the times and its founders are adept at spotting new design trends. Apart from offering timeless and classic pieces, IDUS continuously seeks to innovate and keep ahead of the market. We are and will always offer our clientele the extreme commitment to offering best-in-class pieces that stand for excellence in every single aspect of furniture and home decor design.

We completely subscribe to the fact that good design lives for ever; it takes discipline and a constant vigilance against ugliness but it gives us the most rewarding sense of purpose. We live by our belief in great design and its power to inspire us and fill our lives with beauty and joy.

Today, it feels wonderful to be sixteen!

Sixteen years of a passionate love affair with great design, dedicated to our patrons and well-wishers. Never have the years been sweeter and the days more joyous. In spite of the challenges faced this year, the appreciation and loyalty of our patrons and the commitment of our staff has made the IDUS family emerge even stronger. Our fabulous showroom spread over 40,000 sq. feet, and filled with a celebration of aesthetics and stunning design, continues to draw sophisticated lovers of timeless design. We are open and have been serving our wonderful patrons with precisely the kind of product range and service that they are used to and continue to demand, in an atmosphere of safety and careful processes.

Bringing alive the multiple avatars of today’s Home

Today, our homes are playing many roles —from multitasking as an office to being a schoolroom; to functioning as an entertainment centre and also doubling as a kids’ play area—all these different roles need imagination and the right accessories to make them successful. IDUS is filled with great ideas on how to use your living space more imaginatively and more stylishly to enable a home refresh that sparkles with creativity and superb utility!
Just make an appointment with us, any day and we’ll be happy to lead you through the abundance of choices and combinations for a modern, self-contained and stylish home.

Exult in our superb range of ultra-chic choices

IDUS presents a great many ways in which you can quickly create video call corners, ultra-efficient home offices and nooks where relaxation is the only goal. Brainstorming works well perhaps, with an armchair that lends itself to contemplation. Do you need a table that has a C-suite character and that distinguished look? Or do you prefer to create an airy nook that simply exudes an aura of minimalist design? We have it all.

We offer a wide spectrum of choices across home, office, seating, flooring and accessory solutions, all under one roof. Choose from an exclusive range of premium designer and uber luxury labels from across the globe. Our aim is to delight even the most finicky and demanding of clients with our range of products and our high standards of service.

Thank you always!

Our sincerest thanks to you, dear patrons, for always expecting the very highest standards from us and for having the kind of faith and trust that you have shown throughout all these years. We are immensely grateful and appreciative, always.

“Design is intelligence made visible.” — Lou Danziger

That’s the power of good design. That’s what drives us and that’s the big idea that keeps us striving towards perfection! Sixteen years later, our enthusiasm and love for what we do remains intact and the fire continues to burn in our soul! Here’s to the next sixteen and many more milestones to come in the years ahead!

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Because we value and love you, dear patron….

Our store in Delhi, that showcases the best of IDUS, is now open for you to visit, browse through and order the design and style of furniture for your home office (or for any other space) that matches your innate style and preferences. At the IDUS store, we diligently observe all safety precautions, recommended social distancing norms and ensuring all protective measures such as continuous sanitization, protective gear such as masks, shields and gloves are available for your use. Further, all our staff have been trained to appreciate and meticulously follow these measures in all our premises — our store, our workshop and also when we deliver an order.

Look forward to seeing you here. For an appointment please call us at 9871500042, thank you.

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Saturday, August 29, 2020