How to Style a Coffee Table

Easy room refreshes with a new look for your Coffee Table

A coffee table serves many purposes: a place to set down a drink, a place to put that book you were reading, a perch for that a beautiful and unique central piece that draws focus even as it serves the cause of utility. Best of all, it’s an easy, surefire way of giving your space a new look! So here are some guidelines to help you master the art of the coffee table and achieve that look of effortless style and sophistication.

Books make a great base

They give structure to your styling, giving it a neat and orderly base. And books can be so good looking too! A stack of books can be a fitting base on which to place a piece of art or even an arrangement in a vase.

Beautiful books, unusual serving trays (or other flat items such as stylish magazines) make a great base for layering. Start with three books of roughly the same size, and stack smaller and smaller items on each.

Candles and flowers add aura

Want a quick dash of elegance? Simply add some beautiful flowers and a few tall candles. Your coffee table will glitz up almost immediately. Using flowers adds a beautiful natural touch and a vivid pop of colour. They also add a magical serenity and calm to almost any space. These two icons of glamour and romance imbue the atmosphere wherever they go.

Use seasonal themes

It’s fall, remember. The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, said the poet. It’s also approaching that time when leaves are getting ready to be shed. Dry leaf arrangements and branches suit this contemplative autumnal mood. Earth is getting ready to re-arrange itself for winter. Plus the coloured leaves of fall look so beautiful in a natural pale toned vase. Use your imagination and go for themes that work with your space and your mood for that moment. The best part: you can keep changing it as often as it makes you feel good!

Use geometry

Shapes matter. Books add smart structure, being rectangular but need variation. This is where the circle comes in. Counterpoint elegant curves against crisp rectangular corners to create a look that just flows. Try a circular vase, a bowl, a columnar candle, or a spherical paperweight either perched on or arranged between more angular items to create visual interest. Triangles and circles could work as well.

The Rule of Three

As in life, so in art. As we say in India, “Eeja, Beeja, Teeja!” Three is a great number of disparate elements to arrange on a coffee table to give it a sense of focus. A stack of books, a vase with flowers, a piece of art can all complement each other very well and make for an eye catching coffee table.

Take to heights

Using heights to achieve a sense of layers is another stratagem to add some design mojo to your coffee table styling. The rule of three works here as well and you can try to achieve three different heights, using items of varying sizes or by simply stacking them higher, using beautiful art books and artisanal trays.

Here are some unique and distinctive coffee tables from IDUS

We specialise in furniture designs that are rare and exclusive. These unique pieces are part of our design ethos and here, we present a few designs for you. For more options, do look at the rest of our coffee table collection and acquire a piece that will become a conversation starter.



Inspired by mystic design, Log center table isn’t quite like anything seen before. Its organic shape has a texture that is influenced by trees and flora, while its unique form is achieved through several manual processes delivered by an experienced team of craftsmen. It is fully made of aluminium and wrapped in gold foil with a delicately engraved top exposing the heart of a golden tree. The contemporary round table top is made from glass that presents a sleek and elegant design.



Seating ensemble feeling empty? Try a round coffee table. Not only do they anchor your space, but they also offer room to stage a display and serve up trays of treats when you find yourself entertaining. Shell center table is a true contemporary coffee table with a solid marble top that inflates the elegance in its look. Founded atop wooden veneer legs in a beautiful curve design for an overall modern appeal that seems perfect for your living room.



Showcasing a vintage mid-century piece, Canvas coffee table makes the perfect anchor to any seating ensemble. Fully wrapped in high quality fabric, wooden structure and accent leatherette handles to pull-out drawers; this table offers sophisticated storage with four drawers.



Your guests will be amazed by looking at this beautiful Burltino Center Table. The design has a wooden frame with Burl veneer & marble and its just awe-inspiring.



Whether styled together or separately, this set of tables are a statement piece in your home. With sturdy and stylish metal legs, and an elegant wood finish on top, they could be used individually or stacked and kept together. Package of style, flexibility & utility.

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  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Thursday, September 24, 2020