How To Make Your Den A Multimedia Haven

If you are a movie buff or gaming fanatic, you should consider upgrading your home with some trending tech savvy décor ideas to experience ultimate entertainment. Envision a place where audio and video commingle for a pro gaming or theatre appeal. If you are looking for tips on how to make your den a legendary media hub then read on for some pretty amazing suggestions on what type of equipment and furnishing make for a remarkable multimedia experience.

First things first

The important part is to use the right appropriate media units and modern furniture that support all your media requirements. Plan your space in such a way that it remains an inviting living area that can be used to entertain guests and friends.

Living Room with Sofa and TV Wall Cabinet

Get the perfect picture

As the entertainment hub of the house, your TV is the focal point of the room. The video display is the centerpiece of the entire room. To plan a multimedia room, start thinking about equipment. LCD, LED and plasmas are a great option where LCDs and LEDs are brighter, hence perfect for a room that has abundant of natural light. OLED is the latest in display tech; it is thinner, brighter and more energy efficient. Plasma displays are not as bright, but create a rich image by providing high contrast and great black levels. Plasma also has better viewing angles, and are ideal for wider seating areas. For the perfect cinematic experience, position the seating area at a distance of 1.5 times the diagonal size of the screen. For larger areas, a combination of a projector and screen will ensure a perfect picture.

Large OLED TV in Living Room

Smart Storage

Smart storage units are amazing add-ons as they are specifically designed to accommodate all media accessories. Add stylish shelves and cabinets too to store your movie Blue-Ray DVDs and video games. Better yet, go for a large entertainment center or media console if you want smart and stylish entertainment rooms. Check out amazing TV units here

TV Cabinet in Living Room

Better picture with a bigger, better sound

Upgrade your home theatre system with a better bigger sound system, if you want a more engaging cinema experience. To replicate an authentic cinema experience at home, you will need to add five speakers and one subwoofer. This set up breaks down audio into 6 channels each intended for a separate speaker, while also offering ambient sound and low-frequency booms to the subwoofer.

Designer Wall Cabinet for TV and Accessories

Add snazzy tech units: Internet-capable TVs

Add blue ray players, amplifiers, top-notch DVD players, and gaming consoles to your audio and visual components. You can also connect to the web with many popular internet services. You can stream YouTube, tweet on Twitter or connect on Facebook through your TV without having to go to grab your laptop.

Curve LED TV

Important Tip: Hide all your wires! Make sure that the connections are clean and snug.

Furnishing: Sound Absorbing Techniques

  1. Add sound-absorbing baffles on the walls and ceiling
  2. Cover the floors: Bare concrete, wood, and tile reflect sound waves, which make the sound effects harsh and the dialogues muddy. Carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture help absorb errant sound waves
  3. Add a painting, bookshelf, or drapes on walls and window to absorb sound

Adorn your personal media haven with recliners, lazy chairs, designer modern sectionals, stylish poufs and cozy armchairs that heighten the comfort factor and style appeal.

Home Theatre TV

Try these simple suggestions and ensure a space you would never want to leave!

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Monday, October 03, 2016