Hottest Trends Of 2016 That Will Make You Swoon

If you are wondering what will be big in 2016, we have compiled a list of trends that will be hot this year.

What is better than to kick start the year by redesigning or remodeling your home with these hottest home trends anticipated for the New Year.

  • Clean lines, Open spaces

Step away from clutter and embrace open floor plans that are trending even in traditional spaces. Our experts recommend that new construction is going more contemporary where everyone is moving into glorious interiors that define a luxury living.

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  • Color Palettes

Neutral palettes of soft colors like cream, gray, blue, lavender, pink and green, are forever in vogue. Team them up with radiant orchid or navy blue to bring a harmonious and pleasing look. We recommend mix-n-match, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, textures and finishes. Push the old boundaries and discover how well different colors blend together to create a cohesive look.

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  • Natural Elements

Go natural this season by using natural materials, fabrics and furnishings. Cowhide is big this year with graceful fabrics like velvet, suede and silk getting popular. You can forget the simple linens and cottons, and step up to embrace the rich textures and finishes like the earthy suede, luxurious velvet and even corduroy.

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  • Upgrading Indoor-Outdoor living

Create an at-home resort with stunning stone flooring and concrete finishing. Architects now have become more creative with the use of outdoor areas, setting up pool houses, beautifying patios, gardens and yards.

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  • Smarter Homes

The New Year is tech-savvy and in control. From lighting to locks to appliances, homeowners are opting to control variety of systems through their smartphones.

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  • The Man Cave

A room specifically designed for the man of the house is hot this year. A multi-purpose space that involves what a man desires for his leisure and relaxation time, and is open to the rest of the household too.

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  • Tech in Living Room

The living area is becoming the virtual-reality center. People are redesigning their spaces to make way for their tech-savvy needs.

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  • Artsy Accessory: Sculptural Artwork

Step away from framed prints to make your 2014 art collection stand out. Sculptural pieces add dimensionality to your walls. For example these invigorating metal work from Artisan House, USA, create unique focal points and conversation topics.

Mixing metal silver and gold plus wood and stone will be definite trend setter this year.

metal silver and gold plus wood and stone frame at Idus

  • Get Smart, Go Green

In the realms of furnishing, furniture pieces made with organic materials are making a big appearance. The focus is moving towards “Green Homes”. Pick out natural collection brought by brands like Kenneth Cobonpue, Atelier-a and much more.

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  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Tuesday, August 23, 2016