Give Your Décor A Festive Look

Here in India, the festival of lights is an excuse to indulge in bright hues, scrumptious treats and to dress up your interiors.

This festive season fill your interiors with contemporary designer lamps, wall art, and other accessories to add a spectacular shine to your décor.

Embellish your decors with a golden touch with designer coffee tables, mirrors, and accessories

The following tricks and hacks will yield in invigorating and engaging decors without having to do any major alterations!

1. Paint the walls!

Wall Paint Texture

Add a splash of color to a single wall and notice a dramatic transformation. Welcome the festive season by painting your walls and adding a burst of vibrant hues to layer the room with a festive look.

2. Consider adding wall screens and dividers

Wall Screens and Dividers

If you think painting walls is too tedious, then opt for gorgeous screens that break the monotony of the décor and instill a welcoming and charming design element! Our design team highly recommends this!

3. Soft furnishing

Soft furnishing

Rich plush textures and fabrics in the form of soft furnishing is a great way to ensure an impactful space. Team your contemporary or modern furniture pieces with bright cushions, Turkish carpets, and rugs, stoles, and throws for that lavish sophisticated appeal.

4. Flowers are the new fashion motifs

Floral Cover Sofa

Whether on the ramp or home décor, floral prints and patterns are chic and trending this season. They’re now making their presence felt in a burst of colors — as a cluster of petals or big, bright designs. Just when we had thought that flowers have had their fill! Our pick is this floral set of crockery! Chic and flirty!

5. Give your living space a make-over by simply changing/rearranging accessories

Make-over by Rearranging Accessories

Indulge in glassware, artistic sculptures, gleaming vases and interesting wall panels and painting for a festive makeover.

Here’s a tip: make sure to add flowers, Diya’s, lamps and tea lights to further treat the décor with the festive mood.

6. Be bold and creative

Creative Interior Designing

Mix and match textures, colors and styles. Do not follow a single color theme, innovate and coordinate and experiment with unusual colors and styles.

7. Use GOLD!

Gold Furniture and Accessories

Take this opportunity to embellish your spaces with gold. After all, what’s an Indian festival without a golden touch to it!


  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Saturday, October 15, 2016