Gamma Arredamenti: Behind the Scenes

Those who know their leather must be quite familiar with the success and unquestionable reputation of the Italian luxury furniture house Gamma Arredamenti. IDUS in New Delhi, India is one of a few who offers Gamma’s incredible range of luxury furniture.

Setting the benchmark for the highest quality of Italian furniture, it wouldn’t be wrong if we said that Gamma Arredamenti represents the best of modern furniture designs and style.

To make it more clear, for the fashion conscious, we could say that Gamma is the Prada or Louis Vuitton of the furniture industry. Perhaps now you know why owing a Gamma leather sectional, modern chair or sofa is a style statement.

Gamma appeals to those who have quite a discerning taste when it comes to home decorating and interior designing. Each Gamma piece is handcrafted with precision and enriched with an incredible craftsmanship, glorifying their label as being purely “Made in Italy”. From the quality of leather to the gorgeous stitching details, each detail is a result of a meticulous process of thought and innovation.

A quick history about Gamma:

Mr Ghetti became an entrepreneur in the furniture world with his dream to merge the world of fashion, comfort and Italian design. The attention to detail, continuous research and innovation is the key element that sets Gamma Arredamenti apart from the rest. The people behind Gamma’s success are Carla Botti and Gabriele Ghetti, where Carla handles the management process, while Mr.Ghetti brought in his deep knowledge of craftsmanship and love for detail in the designing process. Together with skilled Italian artisans and craftsmanship, the high-end furniture brand became an epitome of high-end furniture styles and designs. Today Gamma exports in 64 countries with its headquarters in the USA.

What is so special about Gamma’s Leather?

Gamma uses the top quality European bull hides along with an enriched tanning process. They prefer bull hides over cow hides since they are 40% bigger than regular hides. These hides have been bred carefully with no scars or insect bites, in the best of the condition. The north Europe cold rainy climate means lots of grass for the bulls, allowing them to grow bigger with thicker skins to protect them against the long winters.

Gamma’s hides measure between 55 to 60 sq. feet that give the world perfectly intact and gorgeous leather sofas. The leathers look and feel so nice, soft and rich to the hand, and can be trusted for reliable performance and absence of defects. This is the standard that Gamma sets.

Gamma presents different grades of genuine leather – from Nubuk to Club (1.4 – 1.6 mm thick top grain leather) including Pampas (1.8 – 2.0mm thick) and Vintage leathers.  The best part is that each sofa comes with many customization options, to help find a perfect fit for every customer request.

IDUS has been associated with Gamma for 6 years and you can easily browse through their exclusive Gamma collection here. Visit their website to view their entire modern furniture collection.

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Tuesday, June 09, 2015