Ergonomics and the human relation

Ever wondered how to achieve the perfect combination of right posture, optimal comfort, and ergonomics in one single chair?

Today with fast forward technology, you can find a plethora of ergonomic chairs that promises a great posture and have built-in super tech mechanisms that molds to the contour and offers comfort all day long. However, not every chair labeled “ergonomic” has all the adjustment features necessary to truly be ergonomic.

How do we know which chair is ergonomically best for us?

For that, we must first understand the exact meaning of the term “ergonomics”. The word “Ergonomics” is being thrown around a lot lately, but little do people realize its importance and how it affects work productivity and human health.

Ergonomics is the science of designing for people to optimize their work capability. It covers all aspects- from the physical stresses, it places on joints, muscles, nerves, tendons, bones and the like, to environmental factors which can affect hearing, vision, and general comfort and health.

Sitting for hours and working in an office in a single position adds stress to the body structure- the eyes, spine, shoulder, wrist, and neck. What we need to realize is that ergonomic office chairs should be chosen according to the purpose and individual body type. There is actually a lot of science that goes in the construction of the office chair with is loaded with a lot of adjustment features that are made depending on the individual’s preference and also the shape and size of the body.

Your chair and your health

Little do we realize but our seating preference plays a huge factor in our work output, productivity, and overall health.

We should listen to the signals our body gives. Any pain in the wrist, hands, neck or shoulder region means we have to examine the workplace to see what may be causing the problem and make adjustments accordingly.

Back Pain From Work

This is why ergonomics is so important and we should choose the right ergonomic office chair that supports the right posture and health with appropriate mechanisms and features. Small modifications like the right workstation design, ergonomic seating with proper adjustments along with correct posture and habits can make a big difference in the way we feel at the end of the day.

Ergonomic office chairs

Your search for ergonomically perfect office chairs ends here. Choose a wide range of office solutions with exceptional features and mechanisms. Whether for executive’s office or director’s cabin, workstation chair, ergonomic task chairs, for the reception area, waiting lounges conference room chairs etc., here are some of our bestselling trending models for you:

Verra HB Office Chair

Verra High-Back Office Chair

This smart and classy piece of office chair has an advanced 360-degree movement mechanism that assures luxury and ergonomics to go hand in hand. You can know more about the chair at 

Trono II HB

Trono II High-Back Office Chair

This chair is a stylish option that helps the body stay healthy and balanced. The chair combines design and function with breathable premium vinyl upholstery, an advanced synchronized multi-lock mechanism for a well-balanced weight distribution and lumbar support. Find out why this is one of the most ergonomic chairs at

Scania HB

Scania High-Back Leather Office Chair

Office Chair shares timeless luxury with a design of the new millennium. The leather chair is fashioned with super-soft upholstery and synchronized motion tilt, for comfort and satisfaction. More at

Dacota MB 

Dacota Medium Back Leather Office Chair

These executive office chairs possess sleek majestic appearance and comfortable seating. A rare combination of function and beauty with multi-locking system, fixed arms, knee- tilt mechanism, gas lift and aluminum base. Like this chair? For more details visit:

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