Don’t throw that table!

The new buzzwords are restore, reuse and recycle!

This beautiful sideboard also makes a fabulous dresser or a book shelf!

Bored of that table you’ve had for years? Wondering how to rejuvenate a decades-old sofa? Thinking of replacing that sideboard you used to once love? Don’t lose heart just as yet. There’s lots of life left in old furniture and accessories. All it needs is a bit of imagination and flair!

Restore, reimagine, reuse…

Over time, we often we develop blind spots about the things we own. If we can let go and keep an open mind, suddenly there are options galore and beautiful pieces can see a renewed lease of life.

Juggle things around!

Fed up of having a piece in one room for too long? Put it to good use in another room! Mix and match furniture differently to create totally new looks. Let’s get your creative juices flowing!

Three Eye-openers! From caterpillar to butterfly!

Here are 3 amazing transformations that show us how old furniture can very quickly be metamorphosed into something completely different and interesting!

A beautifully whimsical bench from old chairs!

Three old chairs add up to much more than just another bench!

A cheerful garden table and planter from an old table!

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An antique baby cradle can rock as a coffee table!

Old desk with drawers re-imagined into a garden table and planter!


From dining companion to bedroom partner!

Our Milano Drawers are a case in point. Meant to be used as sideboards, they look great in living areas next to the dining table. However, who says you must use them only as intended. They are so stylish, they could make a great chest of drawers in a bedroom. Or even as a vanity dresser! Just hang a mirror on the wall above the drawers!

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The trendy and chic Milano is a chest of drawers which elegantly matches your vibrant décor. Designed using leather, the stylish furniture item employs modern design sense and smart design rules.

Reincarnation is in!

From coffee table to trendy dresser—the Canvas Coffee Table can make reincarnation a breeze! This would look simply fabulous in your bedroom with a mirror on it. Hang up the mirror on the wall or just tilt it at an angle against the wall. Arrange your exotic perfumes, silver hairbrushes and your knick-knack trays. There! You have a dressing table that’s distinctly vintage and extremely stylish. Your girlfriends are going to wish they had thought of this!



Showcasing a vintage mid-century piece, the Canvas coffee table makes the perfect anchor to any seating ensemble. Fully wrapped in high quality fabric, wooden structure and accent leatherette handles to pull-out drawers; this table offers sophisticated storage with four drawers.

Names don’t mean a thing!

What’s in a name, said the poet and wasn’t he spot on! Calling a pouf a pouf doesn’t mean it can’t grow up into a coffee table. The Philapao pouf can easily be reimagined as a plush coffee table—just put a tray on it with some art books, a vase of flowers and a shell or two and voila! You have a unique centrepiece! Call it serendipity or just smart planning, but you’ll have a winner on your hands.

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A fashion iconic piece with mohair upholstery based on solid wood frame. Philapao Pouf tinkles your fancy with its chic look, and adds spunk to a given space.

Bedside Saviour!

Can’t imagine not having ample table space next to your bed where your nightly reading, a drink of water, some jewellery and a gadget or two can find themselves at home? The Aldo set of drawers can play a magnificent double role as a nightstand and a chest of drawers for your bedroom. Smart and sleek, this has space for a lamp and a collectible too!

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Aldo is a 3 drawer chester in ziricote wood veneer for a royal antique look. The chester is balanced by stainless steel base in a glittery finish. Aldo chester brings back the old school design with a modern makeover.

Vintage can be so modern!

A study table like the Beco is clearly one of those pieces that will never experience an identity crisis as they can fit into several roles with the greatest of ease. Have a long corridor or a lobby that needs a console?A table where a few collectibles, a spray of flowers, a few books and a lamp can fit in well together and snuggle right in? Beco is a perfect fit for a concept like this if it ever outgrows its study table role.

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Beco Study Desk with its leather cladding and metal base has a incredibly versatile, trendy look and feel. This vintage style piece fits right into this millennium and can double as quite a few things!

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