Clean Out Your Closets For 2015

We have just faced the inevitable end of a year leading up to the dawn of 2017. While the year is still fresh and we are loaded with energy and new ideas, let’s work to get our homes sorted and cleaned. There is something exciting and hopeful about fresh beginnings, so let us give ourselves something to be happy about and an opportunity to do better!

We all love collecting beautiful things, be it furniture, accessories or magazines; we build an impressive collection that just sits around, cluttering up our homes. We all know how letting go is so difficult, but it’s high time we de-clutter our home and give our homes a new start.

House cleaning and redecorating are every woman’s prerogative, and for some, this may be just an excuse to revamp their homes. So why not give yourself and your home a new lease on life!

Reality Vs Delusion:

As sentimentalists, we all know the infamous “What if I need it later?” We see the potential of what all we have and neglect the reality. It’s hard to let go especially of something which we have possessed for many years. Let’s learn to let it go…

Golden Rule

Follow this thumb rule: ask yourself a question, “Have you ever used this in the last year?” If the answer is a no, then let it go.


Prepare a checklist. How many beds, pillows, blankets, pans, pots, paperwork, and toiletries you have which you haven’t used in the past year. Keep your best linen and kitchenware and discard the rest, to make space for new ones. Use a binder to organize your paperwork. This way you’ll have everything handy in one place when you need it. Notice how many empty bottles of creams, shampoos and complimentary hotel products are hiding in your bathroom cabinet. If you are not using them, throw it out. Clean out the dust in your closet and throw away old clothes ( no matter how much you like those torn spotty PJ’s and baggy tees).

Let’s get our homes sorted and cleaned for 2017. Here’s to fresh starts and new beginnings! Here’s to clean, beautiful interiors and luxury spaces!

Clean the closet

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Thursday, February 19, 2015