Chic Couches and Loveseats: Love ‘em!

So you want to glamorize your bedroom décor and wondering what should do the trick – an artsy accessory or a complete make-over? Before giving into something so elaborate and cumbersome such as remodeling your bedroom, try out love-seats as an option to incorporate style, visual elegance and excitement in your décor.

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Loveseats are the perfect pick as they are space-savers and reflect exuberance. A loveseat placed in your bedroom invites you to cuddle with a good book, or curl in with your significant other, offering you your personal retreat. They are not only meant to adorn bedrooms, but you can place them in the lobby area, living room or a dining room, as they will add elegance to any given space!

Loveseats and couches are amazing additions to small apartments. They come in a variety of style to fit your mood perfectly- from cheery and adorable to grand and sophisticated! You can choose the color and upholstery according you your taste and décor. You can discover the latest designs of loveseats at Idus Furniture.

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With these loveable pieces, you can create a unique seating space at odd corners and tiny porches too. For large spaces, they help in creating a fashionable room setting as they go perfectly with large sofa-sets and sectional.

Different ways you can arrange your loveseat in the bedroom. Loveseats serve different functions according to where you place them.

# Create an independent setting by placing two love seats facing each other with a pair of comfy armchairs and a coffee table serving as a handy spot for placing drinks and snacks.

# Create a cozy spot by paling your loveseat into a recessed wall area or near the window area. Add a lamp and you have a perfect reading corner to yourself!

# Position your loveseat next to the fireplace or television to create a secondary focal point (your bed would be the first). Add an ottoman in front of it for resting your tired legs.

# Opt for a five-star appeal by arranging the love seat at the foot of the bed. This creates a grand appearance in the room and if space permits add a group of small tables or a coffee table for aesthetic appeal.

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There is a wonderful assortment of beautiful fabrics and styles available today. First Find the perfect style and color for your loveseat and then throw decorator accents and, funky pillows or jazzy wall art. Create a gorgeously designed space and enjoy the fruit of your hard work! To spark your creativity, we offer expert design advice. Buying furniture just got exciting with Idus Furniture.


  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Monday, May 29, 2017