7 Interior Design Styles You Must Know About

Modern, Scandinavian, contemporary or country living, so many interior design styles exist in this era that are popular in modern homes nowadays. With more choices surfacing every day the hardest challenge is to keep ourselves updated with several decorating styles.

It’s said, “Nothing looks more luxurious than a room, put together harmoniously in an elegant scheme”.

The abundance in the variety of the unique décor styles makes it extremely difficult to decipher one single style that will work best for you. Although refurbishing or decorating your home sometimes require blending two to three interior styles, it is vital to learn the core aspect of each decorating style.

Obviously, there are interior design styles beyond the types outlined below, but we here focus on the major ones that are in vogue and are admired by everyone. Here is the rundown that will explain how transitional is different from contemporary, what constitutes a Chesterfield sofa and color palette that dominates the world`s most popular interior design styles.


Transitional Furniture is all about mixing old and classic traditional elegance with the fresh and new contemporary lines and current textiles to infuse a character in the décor setting. It includes the modern and practical use of button-tufting and nail-head trim along with impeccable finishing.

This interior setting boasts clean shape and style. Rugs are more refined and silken, fabrics are plush and woods are rich to conjure up a modern setting with a classic touch.  The upholstered ottoman coffee table, tuxedo sofas and elegant consoles are few sophisticated choice which pervade this interior style. To acquire a layered look unique glass objects, abstract arts can be combined in a harmonious way.


Contemporary style is the most popular interior design aesthetic in this era. The word contemporary is used interchangeably with modern but there is a lot of difference between the two decorating styles. The contemporary furniture line is generally uncomplicated and clean with more innovative, integral and luxurious feel. The designs are more fluid creating a nonchalant, unruffled and stylish dialogue.

Armchairs and sofas that fall under this category are comfortably fashioned and uniquely designed, upholstered in rich leathers and opulent fabrics like velvet and chenille. Case-goods and coffee tables are sculptural, monolithic, simplified and understated. To look for leather contemporary sofas and modern armchairs, visit IDUS Furniture Store or you may shop online at our website.


Perfect for sophisticated city dwellers, urban modern design style is the ultimate choice for cosmopolitan living. It is a fusion of various opposite elements and complementary traits. A synchronized collision of minimalist modern, ethnic heirlooms, glamorous chic and edgy heirloom designs defines this style.

The large furniture like beds, couch and sofas tend to be uniformly sleek with low-profile. The other decorative accents like side tables, consoles and mirrors often demand artistic work expressed creatively, with elegant geometric designs. For your shopping and inspiration needs, check out our latest collection of living room furniture online or you may also visit our showroom- IDUS Furniture Store. All pieces are highly versatile and can complement a myriad of design styles.


Popularized by the designer collection of Vladimir Kagan, Florence Knoll and Milo Baughman, mid-century modern is an American style that became influential with iconic furniture pieces such as the egg chair, the womb chair and the Eames lounger. The use of textiles in colorful tints and shades along with rosewood, teak and walnut were regular in use, thus constituting a large part of the mid-century interiors.

In this picture, the recliner fetches all the attraction; frame such room of your own elements.


Minimalistic Interiors is a twentieth century style that is known for its clean lines, simpler forms and uncomplicated finishes. Ornamental design takes the back seat, as the sculptural pieces take the precedence allowing minimum accessorizing. Careful furniture arrangements, built-in storage, behind seamless doors, typical sans color, pattern and texture plays a key role in minimalist interiors.


Rich, classy, handsome, plush and inherently formal are the underpinning for this décor style. Button-tufted chesterfield sofa and classic wing back chair characterize its penchant for vintage furniture which is well constructed. This décor styling is all about silhouettes that embody a sense of occasion & sophistication.

Search sofas like Chesterfield sofa, Havana Sofa from IDUS Collection and move a step further making your home a glamorous one with tradition tint too.


One of the most influential in the history of decorative arts! French interior style is highly inspired by the decorative styles of the Louis XIV, XV & XVI eras. This style is admired by many and is adored for its intricately crafted furniture, fine carvings and opulent gliding. Decorative show wood frames feature prominently and consoles and tables showcasing fluted or cabriole legs remained the highlight of elegant furniture design.

There are many faces of interior styles that are fascinating and diverse. But when you know exactly the kind of décor style you want, it becomes easy to acquire the desirable results. Once you become oblivious to all the interior styles, you can get creative and pick different elements from various décor styles to mix and create something unique. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to interior styling and decorating, though the above discussed interior design tips may help.

So gather all the ideas and give your own personal touch to your home interiors. For more inspirations and innovative ideas, visit IDUS Furniture Store or you can shop our furniture online.

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Friday, January 11, 2019