5 Sofas made for binge watching!

If you must binge watch, shouldn’t it be in utter style?

“What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee?”

So said Anthony Trollope, world renowned writer and thinker. We agree. What could be more luxurious, especially if the sofas are from our carefully curated range of the world’s best, most comfortable, most stylish selection.

Sofas are meant to be lived in. To be slouched in, to be supported by, to be caressed by and to be snuggled into. Sofas are a life form that encourage couch potatoes to stay couch potatoes. They are made for encouraging mooning lovers to cosily dream of their lady love while gazing into distant space. Couches are for dreamers and thinkers. Poets need couches to churn out their sad songs as do philosophers while meditating on the mysteries of life. Life without your favourite couch to cuddle into is truly a sad existence!

But most of all, you need couches and sink-in-to-sofas when you are watching, nay, bingeing on the telly series you are addicted to! So bring on the Netflix dramas, the Amazon Prime laughathons, the Hotstar nailbiters, because here are the sofas!

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Are the kids in bed? Out like the proverbial light? Well, then it’s time to put on the stuff you can’t watch with them around! Game of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black, Handmaid’s Tale, Rome and so many others. Adult language, scenes that you don’t have to suddenly grab for the remote to zap and dark, dark emotions.

Pour yourself a large glass of wine, wrap a throw around yourself and snuggle into this ample twin seater. It might just be all the company you need. Enjoy!


Brimming with the mid-century appeal, this wow-worthy Twin three seater sofa is sure to draw the eye to your well appointed furniture arrangement. Its lush leather upholstery is fashionably bold pairing beautifully with the warmth of the black coated stainless steel metal legs. The Twin’s lavish tufting and classic Chesterfield design will welcome you with style and comfort, allowing you to live like the royal you are. Flaunting a cleanly tailored flawless silhouette this wide sofa radiates vintage glam vibes with a modern twist.


Edge-of-your-seat suspense and blood-curdling scenes? Hackles down the back of your neck? To stop your teeth chattering, dive into this wonderfully contoured sofa that offers ample support for the natural curves of your body! You could also wrap yourself mummy-like with a cosy comforter so that only your eyes can watch the chilling narrative. Popping in a couple of bulls eyes might just prove a soothing, minty palliative to terror!


Buffalo is an uber stylish, chic and cozy seating, a one of a kind treasure, making your seating as personal as possible. Fabric upholstered equipped with hidden round feet and an essential frame made of solid wood and moulded foam.


This utterly gorgeous and amazingly luxurious recliner sofa is a cinch when you have a couple of seasons to catch up on. Whether it’s murder mysteries or gripping legal dramas, you’ll feel fresh enough to watch all night long! And if perchance, you do fall asleep, consider the sleep-conducive architecture of this cocooning piece of warm invitation.


Made with top grain leather, Newton is a three seater sofa set that oozes opulence and beautiful detailing. With soft seating, padded frame and storage under arm rests, you experience true comfort. It’s not just the perfect chair to kick off your shoes and relax into, at the end of a tiring day but a chair that lends a stylish makeover to your living space.


The joy of a couple of stunning earth documentaries that offer a panorama and vistas galore. The cushioning embrace of this sofa should make you feel totally at peace with all around you as you watch the natural wonders of our planet. Sir David Attenborough, we presume?


Seasons pass. Trends come and go, but the modern elegance of the Charming 3 seater sofa is timeless. The high armrests accentuate the elegant silhouette and complete the clean look. The visually appreciable softness of its fine quality fabric upholstery with dainty steel legs gives a classic look to your room.


Just the kind of sofa you’ll need to sink into as you watch Bond conduct all the most impossible acrobatics that only 007 can perform. Of course, all Missions Impossible are rendered completely possible when you are reclining on a sofa that’s engineered to keep you smiling even through nuclear threats and the imminent release of the most dangerous neurotoxins known to man. Phew!


Robust and extremely comfortable, Bond sparked a modern trend that favoured comfort and a new attention to design styles. The genuine leather upholstery leans on the elegant metal frame, tilted in an enveloping gesture giving shape to a comfortable, spacious seat and armrest. Playing with the contrast between materials and shapes, the gold-finished metal legs add a strikingly bold contrast to the overall look of the sofa.

The Wonderful Five

So there you have it, five sofas that are just born to be chilled on while you watch hours of your favourite TV. Guaranteed that all the twists and turns of the plot won’t give you a crick in the neck! Life is what happens to you while you let it pass by as you lounge in these super-comfortable and yet uber chic couches that you can spend days on end in! Happy viewing, happy chilling, happy everything!


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  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Friday, August 28, 2020