4 Creative Storage Ideas To Use Space More Effectively

Living in a small apartment is not easy. Especially when you want to arrange so many things inside your space, which is, unfortunately, limited! As the era of scarce spaces has begun, ‘doing more with less’ is the goal of the 21st century.

The challenge of achieving more and decorating your space exactly the way you want to is a fact that most of us are struggling with.  But this does not mean that we should sacrifice our desires to have a well-adorned room interior.

Next time you feel that your space is lacking, take cues from the following ways to gain more room for every single thing you love.

Pick an ergonomic furniture

Having an elegant piece of furniture at home is great, but when it is topped with functional features, it`s time to party! Trendy furniture like ottomans or small stools can provide storage.  Treat them as one of those sneaky places where you can store away things you don`t want cluttering your space.

Ergonomic Furniture

Smart Staircases

Staircases generally have an area underneath them. This space can be used as a useful space for storage. Get a few cabinets that can be mounted on the wall or you can install cabinets and some stylish drawers in this area. This can maximize your space for storage.

Staircases with Storage

Bedding console

Your bed not only takes away your tiredness but can also resolve your storage woes. Invest in some good quality of bedding that has built-in storage. This will give you ample of space without having you stacking up or investing in something else.

Bed Storage

Your bed can accommodate a lot of things, easily

Love your table

Your tables can be much more than a platform for your hot mug of coffee. Tables that are designed smartly provide storage in their openings these days. This is a fantastic way of keeping magazines and newspaper in one place, in an organized way. You can find amazing options with lacquered finish and walnut veneer at www.Idus.in.

Centre Table with Storage

Apart from enhancing the appeal of your home, it can give room to your magazines

These simple ideas can generate a lot of space in your home where you can stash away all your stuff, which you do not use frequently or want to hide from everyone.

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Wednesday, April 26, 2017