10 Highlights From Milan Design Week

One of the most paramount and influential design fair in the world- Salone Internazionale Del Mobile Di Milano 2017now in its 56th edition, held in Milan (Italy) from April 4-9, this year. The world famous Milan Design Week, lived up to its name and the hype of being a global design destination.

World Famous Milan Design Week

With more than 343,602 visitors and 2000 exhibitors from more than 165 countries, the annual furniture extravaganza in Milan witnessed the grandest celebration of home decor and furniture designs. For design lovers this mega carnival seems like heaven on earth, buzzing with veritable creativity and cutting –edge design.

Salone del Mobile

It is no wonder that Salone del Mobile is regarded as the most successful Launchpad for innovative designs and forecast for them much awaited design news. The show, which held in Fuorisalone, witnessed galleries, showrooms and 19th century palazzo taken over by alluring installations, creative events and thrilling parties.

The week-long event was all about the celebration of beauty, design and innovation. The theme of the exhibition showcases unfussy designs, round forms, warm colors, simple contours and basic forms which is classic and subtle. There were no crazy showpieces because the trend for this year was timeless design, more calm and mature.

Modern Design Sofas Set at Idus Furniture Store

Trends that gripped the nerve of the visitors were largely from the previous years. The wealth of the original and authentic designs in lightening gave a real jolt to the Milan Design Week. To make sure you do not miss out on anything important, we have churned out some unmissable highlights from the most compelling design fair, just for you.

Huge Sofas The collection of this year displayed the large size and low sectional sofas. The aim is to create a place which invigorates a feeling of coziness and safety. This means that deeper designs of sofa will be used. The Italian sofas will be even bigger now. According to Francesco Binfaré for Edra his design is like a “polar bear on an iceberg that breaks apart,” an object that evokes “innocence, happiness and fairy-tales.”

Designer Huge Sofas Set at Idus Furniture Store

Contemporary Elegance The deep, dark and earthy shades of beige, terra cotta and grey were in the limelight. They were enriched with more dignified patterns and refined textures. Taking the cues from men`s suit, patterns like salt & pepper, tweed, tiny checks and bicolored patterns- manifested again. They can be juxtaposed with matching upholstery or incorporated in rugs & pillows.

Contemporary Design Sofa Set with Pillows at Idus Furniture Store

Focus On Materials The designs this year was balanced with focused details, especially on materials. Stone played a crucial part in coordinated color themes and schemes. Deep blue-green granite, amber –like onyxes and  marble in brown were among the top favorites.

Modern Design Dining Table at Idus Furniture Store

Metallic Connection Not only marble but brass also emerged as the most popular trend this year. It was not only used in the furniture supports but also displayed as the covering surfaces. This was the most innovative combination of brutal & fragile in interiors.

Metallic Interiors Design

Indoor Plants The cool and innovative ways to bring refreshment and natural warmth into urban interiors is definitely on the up. This organic trend is set to continue in 2017 as well. Adding indoor plants into the hallway, living and bed room is the most inexpensive way to give your home a gorgeous upgrade. Metallic pots or a room divider made from plants is surely ‘IN’ once again.

Indoor Plants Decoration

Lighting Wonders 2017 sees a balanced blend of recessed and focused lighting with LED strip lights making a big splash almost everywhere.

Opulent boudoirs The most surprising element of the fair was the comeback of luxurious bedrooms in its entire classic splendor. The minimalist approach is passé as it is time to up the luxury quotient of your bedroom interiors with ornate bed frames, velvety drapes, and brilliant chandeliers, side tables clad in brass, silken duvets and a color scheme that involves romantic reds, glittering gold and bright silvers.

Luxurious Bed at Idus Furniture Store

Get Bolder With Timber This trend doesn’t seem to faze out. Making waves since 2016, this trend is going to remain the most popular event his year. Every top furniture maker around the world today has an admiring collection that is draped in wood.

  • By IDUS Furniture  |  Tuesday, May 23, 2017