BackCare 4 with e-ION Crystal Mattress

BackCare 4 with e-ION Crystal Mattress

Combined with High Performance Foams, e-ION CRYSTAL and patented Pocketed Coils, BackCare® 4 provides excellent support to your body's contours and weights, giving you wholesome and uninterrupted sleep that you can wake up refreshed and full of self confidence. Sleeping on an e-ION Crystal Series mattress is clinically proven to provide therapeutic effects that include the reduction of fatigue, stress, increased mental alertness.With an increased coil height and optimised wire gauge, BackCare 4 also provides the sleeper with 20% more support and resilience.
  • CODE: MT004
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    INR 334,400

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e-ION Crystal

14 Mineral stones combined with benefits of Negative-lons & Far-infrared Rays.

    72"x78" Ht.11.5"
    10 Years


All our mattresses are superior quality and are covered under 10 years warranty yet they do require care to maintain its performance and increase life.
1. Folding, bending, standing or jumping on the mattress exerts excessive strain on the component parts and can seriously damage the mattress and foundation.
2. Use a quilted mattress protector to protect the mattress from getting soiled. Soiled mattress/boxspring can negate the warranty.
3. Bruch, vaccum-clean and air the mattress regularly to keep it clean.
4. Follow the instructions regarding flip or non flip matress regularly.
5. Further detailed care instructions are provided while final purchase of product.